Analysis of electric car driving routes in Finland.


Consultancy Eera (now called Korkia) wanted to map out the movements of electric cars in Finnish road traffic. The idea was to collect data and present it in a useful way. The data would also provide beneficial information on improvement needs within the road network as well as on where new charging stations should be placed. We saw this as an excellent opportunity to utilize our knowledge of automatic data collection and IoT together with our experience of Tesla’s systems.



We decided to collect anonymous data about the movements of Teslas with the drivers’ permission. The driving data was handled using the Sensofusion Maps platform. Because we were already familiar with Tesla’s interface, it was relatively fast to build a background service that would monitor movement data of Tesla drivers who had given consent to participating in the project. In collaboration with Tesla Club Finland, we put together a group of people who shared our passion for improving the infrastructure for electric cars in Finland. Through the project, we were able to reinforce our position as a forerunner of domestic electric car research.

We have used time-lapse videos of heat maps to illustrate the data we have collected so far. As a result of the research, it has become very clear that the need for charging stations is growing exponentially. We are extremely proud to have been able to be the first to collect data to improve the country’s infrastructure database and at the same time prove that electric cars need to be taken seriously even in Finland.

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