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LähiTapiola did not want to be the kind of insurance company whose customers only hear from them a couple of times a year in the form of an invoice.


The goal for LähiTapiola was to find a new way for reaching out to small business customers and to improve their customer experience. We at RND Works, on the other hand, have specialized in developing services and products that don’t yet exist. Together we started to innovate a service for small companies that would put data into work for the customers. This is how Pulssi was born.



LähiTapiola Pulssi is a service that packages valuable information for the customer about their own company. Pulssi offers the customer a report that deals with the company’s key figures, such as company value, liquidity, and solvency ratio. Additionally, Pulssi estimates the company’s digital capabilities through combining data from different sources, such as Vainu. This way, Pulssi fulfills its objectives – it creates added value and depth in the customer relationship.

“RND Works is an agile company, with whom piloting and innovating is easy and smooth.”

Sami Häsä, Business Manager


Nearly two thirds of the businesses reached reported to having filled out the questionnaire prompted in the service. The feedback from the respondents has been delightedly positive. The challenge for further development of Pulssi is to provide new data when the customer will again be asked to check the numbers for next year.

By offering their customers more than just an invoice, LähiTapiola can recognize companies that are going through changes and offer the right kind of services and solutions to support their change. This is how a truly customer-centric company works.

What kind of added value could we create for your customers? Ask, and we’ll come up with some ideas.

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