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Lotto wanted to get people moving in a fun way. We realized their vision.

Responsible games

Veikkaus supports Finnish sports every year with 148 million EUR. According to research, most Finns still live without engaging in any physical activities. Most often, the easiest way to increase activity is to walk more.

As a part of their social responsibility, Veikkaus decided to use their Lotto brand to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Lotto is a 46-year-old Finnish institution. Every Friday, people would go to the corner shop to get their lottery ticket for the Saturday night draw and a chance to live the life of a millionaire.

Nowadays, Veikkaus, the national gaming company, receives 48 percent of its 2.1 billion EUR revenue from online games. Yet local sales points continue to be important to many customers. People still use them to pick up their lottery tickets and scratch cards, to place bets on horse races and football, and of course to cash their winnings.


"Lotto wanted people to walk more. Because Lotto had already gotten people to walk to the nearest corner shop for 46 years already, it was time for them to get people to walk also in today’s modern, digital world."

Satu Nikula, Marketing Executive

Veikkaus Oy

RND Works got down to business

We had previously created a mobile application for the new Veikkaus, which was founded in January 2017 as the merger of three national gaming companies; Veikkaus, RAY and Fintoto. The new application came to be in just a few months using React Native software development.

Following the successful collaboration, RND Works was chosen to execute the Mobile Walking Finnish Championships – a month-long event within the Veikkaus app. Valentin Kononen, the 1995 world champion of racewalking, acted as the face of the Mobile Walking campaign. The goal was to gamify physical activity, i.e. normal walking, in an attractive way.


The hunt for the most determined walker

Lotto wanted Mobile Walking to be challenging and rewarding for all participants. The idea was to include the right places, such as Veikkaus sales points and sports fields, in the app as locations the player could visit. The app would measure the user’s physical activity, as well as enrich the experience with augmented reality.

The RND Works Mobile Walking included over 8,500 places of interest in a map covering the entire country. By walking at least a thousand steps, the player would get a key to a virtual mystery box at each location. By visiting the location, the player could open the mystery box and reveal a surprise reward or a specific Lotto ball, which gave added possibilities to win. Weekly challenge limits were set for three levels ranging from 45,000 to 70,000 steps per week. The Finnish Championship of Mobile Walking was awarded to the best walkers. The chance to win the championship was open for everyone who could keep up with a daily pace of at least 10,000 steps for two consecutive weeks.



active users


kilometers walked

Fast implementation, immense impact

RND Works managed to implement the Mobile Walking feature in the Veikkaus app very fast by using React Native development. The fast iteration cycles helped to reach development goals particularly quickly.

Interesting branding and a great user experience made Lotto’s Finnish Championships of Mobile Walking an immediate hit. In only a month, the feature was taken up by 7,000 users, out of whom 4,000 took part in the walking challenges. The participants altogether took almost 200 million steps, which means approximately 81,000 kilometres. Together we walked twice around the globe! Mobile walkers visited Veikkaus sales points over 89,000 times and Lotto charity locations over 14,200 times. The event collected a vast amount of positive feedback, and many players even said they had lost weight during the campaign.

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