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We have been coding bits one after the other long enough to have created several success stories. Here are some of them. Hold on to your hat and read on.


Modernizing slot machine UI

As part of the slot-machine modernization project, Veikkaus Design Studio wanted to change the slot machine UI layer to utilize modern, proven GUI software technologies, allow componentization of UI controls with easily changeable styles, shorten the development time spent iterating layouts with UX designers and allow rapid prototyping for POCs and demos.

RND Works conducted a feasibility study of various technology alternatives to replace aging Veikkaus UI architecture. The Qt5/QML was found to be a perfect match for these needs. RND Works also conducted various performance tests to measure the footprint and the performance impact of Qt5 based UI layer on the gaming system to validate this selection. RND Works contributed in developing a QML UI component library and a Qt5 C++ software library to adapt the existing slot machine platform services with the UI components. We also helped in migrating UI services to the new software architecture with heavily re-designed features and also contributed in design and implementation of a new slot machine UI.

AI & Data Driven Services

How to maximize the potential of small business clients?

We put data into use with LocalTapiola Insurance. We developed a service for their large mass of small business clients, which packages valuable information for clients about their business market & insurance.

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Mobile & Human-centered development

Going twice around the globe!

Thanks to the successful collaboration with Veikkaus, we got to implement the Finnish Championships of Mobile Walking – a month-long event within the Veikkaus application. It got people active & moving.

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How to create awareness about recycling with AI?

Kikka guides people regarding the tricks of recycling on Facebook Messenger. The artificial-intelligence-infused chatbot was brought to life in collaboration with Lassila & Tikanoja.

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Data & Management Consultancy

Infrastructure in the Changing World

Our knowledge of automated data collection and IoT met its true potential with Eera. By tracing the movements of electric cars, we gained valuable data for future road traffic design.

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AI & Customer service

How to streamline customer service on the phone with help from AI?

We made an artificially intelligent bot to mind a customer service phone line.

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