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So, we offer work. We feel that you cannot recognize a golden expert based on how much he or she glitters. Even if you lack papers and your CV doesn’t boast Rovio or Google, you can still be the perfect match for us. Your skills are what matters.

About us

RND Works is a growing and uncomplicated software company from Vantaa. At the moment, we have approximately 20 people, and the need for new developers is constant. We create high-quality, ground-breaking solutions for large clients.

Artificial intelligence and mobile applications are our core services, but we also work on fascinating projects with, for example, data analysis, algorithm development, and conversational user interfaces.

About You

First and foremost, we appreciate having the right kind of attitude, doer-mentality and a desire to learn new things. Our employees get a good balance of responsibility and challenges.

We are looking for you if you have mastered one or more of the following skills:

  • JavaScript/ES6, Python, TypeScript
  • React, React Native
  • Apollo GraphQL
  • Mobile app development (iOS, Android)
  • Web app development
  • Cloud services (Docker, AWS, DO, Azure)
  • Big Data, Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things, sensor technology
  • UX design
  • C++ and Qt experience in Embedded Systems
  • Don’t keep any of your other talents hidden – every little bit helps!
  • Finnish language skills are an asset but not a requirement.


What now?

Well, now it is time for you to send in your application. No need to be nervous, just be yourself.


Open application

Send us an introduction of yourself along with a link to your portfolio or resume:


Looking for an internship related to your studies?

Our email hotline is also open to those looking for an internship related to their studies:


Frequently asked questions

Check these out in advance, so that our interview process leads faster to the point where you sign the paperwork.



We pay a very decent salary. In fact, it even exceeds union recommendations.

You can advance in the company by either being really good at what you do, or by showing that you are ready to take on more demanding tasks. Up to you, that is!


Payment practices

Our payment period is always a full calendar month. Pay day depends on current company practices, which over the last ten years has always been the 15th of the following month.




You will either be working at our offices in Koivuhaka, Vantaa, or at the client’s offices somewhere in the capital region. Our own office is an open-plan office. Unfortunately, the office is not fully accessible.

If you work at the office, you will have your own workstation, where you are free to take care of your work either standing up or sitting down. If you work at the customer’s offices, we have a bit less control over the available working conditions.



You will get a MacBook Pro computer and appropriate accessories. If you need a hard-core graphics card for AI stuff, one can certainly be arranged.

Generally speaking, if you need any kind of equipment or software to perform your tasks, we encourage you to get them without asking for permission. (You will always be swiftly refunded – or you can ask to use a company credit card from someone who has one.) Our policy is that you should never have to slow down or complicate your job by using the wrong kind of tools or by waiting around for no reason.

We host our own GitLab. Typically, we have been using Asana in project management. For internal communication, we use Slack.


Code conventions

Here at RND, we mostly code using modern JS (React, React Native) and Python (AI stuff). JS is formulated according to the Airbnb style guide and with Python we use PEP8.


Meeting rooms

Our office has one meeting room and two phone booths. These are at your disposal as needed.




Within a couple minutes’ walk from the office is a lunch cafeteria where some of our staff tend to go for lunch. Every day, you can get a buffet style lunch there for roughly 10 euros, after which you will definitely no longer be hungry. Additionally, the lunch assortments of Jumbo, Tammisto, and Tikkurila are also nearby.

Once a week, we all get together for a common RND lunch in the middle of the working day. For these meetings, we always carpool, and the company pays for everyone’s meals. At the same time, you get to see those colleagues who work at clients’ offices. In this context, the conversation naturally moves away from mundane work issues to completely different realms.



From time to time we make a replenishment oder of fruit, protein bars, sparkling water, and sodas.  Anything in the fridge that doesn’t look like it belongs to someone is there for you.




Every month we meet up at our own office over a hotel-style breakfast and a small get-together to go over company matters. Attending this meeting is a mandatory, yet undoubtedly a pleasant task.


Low hierarchy

We have exactly two formal managers in the company. Might we thus describe the hierarchy as low?

We keep the palette together so that there are product or client-specific roles of responsibility, and naturally, details related to your own work will usually end up on your own desk. In other words: No micromanaging, just responsibility and freedom!


Minimal bureaucracy

We have a time tracking system, and you are expected to use it every day. Naturally, you also need to fill out travel expense reports for accounting, deliver your tax cards electronically to service, and take care of other basics. However, you will not have to ask for any unnecessary permissions. When a new VM needs to be set up in DigitalOcean, it will be set up. If you need to acquire something, go ahead. We will not let little details hinder your work.

We are not fans of either the waterfall model or meticulous following of Scrum, XP, Lean, or any other near-ideological methodologies. (The last mentioned one still being the closest to what we do.)



Firm working hours

The workday begins in the morning approximately between 8-9 and lasts 7.5 hours + a lunch break. There is of course some flexibility in working hours on both sides (e.g. a very tight deadline or a personal appointment). We do not work overtime.

We do not offer the possibility to work remotely. Particularly at our office, you will always have a familiar colleague right by your side or at most within a short walking distance. You won’t have to deal with poorly working VPN solutions either.


Holiday in July

All summer holidays are taken in July, barring any exceptions, because the entire office is closed during the most desirable summer holiday month. As a new employee, you can take the same time off unpaid, or keep working and making money.

Even a slightly longer unpaid leave is not a problem, as long as it’s agreed upon in due time.



Our healthcare plan is with Terveystalo, primarily at Flamingo in Jumbo, but you are also free to use other locations if needed. As a new employee, you are entitled to get an initial health checkup. This is not meant to be a test, but a service offered strictly for your own benefit.


Now you know as much about the company as we do. If coding is what makes you feel most at home, get in touch with us.

Hakamäenkuja 1
FI-01510 Vantaa

+358 9 8561 9420


Operator: Basware
Operator ID: BAWCFI22
OVT code: 003727421518



RND Works creates digital services and products using the most efficient tools available.

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