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A modern and high-quality mobile application for Veikkaus, the largest online sales operator in Finland.

Gaming company Veikkaus has created a large number of different kinds of games for its users over the last few years (over 1.8 million loyal customers). The share of electronic sales of Veikkaus’s 2.1 billion EUR annual turnover is 48 percent. This makes the company the largest online sales operator in the country. Veikkaus has always aspired to bring a high-quality gaming experience to large audiences and succeed in doing that online.

Over the last few years, the importance of mobile gaming has been growing rapidly. Together with Veikkaus, we created a completely new mobile gaming experience for the company’s customers.

Veikkaus, RAY, and Fintoto merged on 1.1.2017, forming one of the largest companies in Finland. The app we created includes all of the most popular games from these three companies. The casino section in the new Veikkaus app replaced the old RAY Casino app.



Earlier, the Veikkaus app had been created using native code (Java, Objective-C ja C #) for three different mobile devices. The technologies used in the old app made it challenging and time-consuming to update it for new mobile devices.

Veikkaus needs to constantly create new games and update old ones, so quick updates for different operating systems needed to be possible. Before, the games played within the app would open in a browser within the app, which did not offer the kind of a user experience that people using modern smart phone platforms expect. On the other hand, programming all content separately for three different platforms would have been very time-consuming.

Veikkaus also experimented with a fully HTML-based application but the results were not satisfactory. Veikkaus had all the core pieces in place, but something was missing – an app that would offer a first-rate playing experience without losing any of the important functionalities and that would support as many operating systems as possible. An app that would put all the elements together.

Veikkaus games have been designed to entertain. In order for the games to entertain also on a mobile device, they would have to work natively. However, we realized very early on that the project would have been far too complicated to execute using traditional mobile application development tools.



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According to the philosophy of RND Works, we wanted to implement the new mobile app using the latest top technologies. Veikkaus has always been open to new technologies and aspires to use the best tools to develop their products. Thanks to this, we were able to suggest a new way of creating mobile applications, an idea ‘outside the box’.

We decided to do the implementation of the app using React Native, which is a new software framework created by Facebook for fast app development. React Native enables creating mobile applications that have the same performance and user experience as apps created using traditional tools, but it only has one and the same code base.

Thanks to new technology, the first beta version of the app for both Android and iOS came together in just a couple of months. Because of the unbelievably fast development cycle, we got some valuable feedback about the product from the market and were able to quickly improve the app based on the feedback.

The first product version that replaced the old Veikkaus mobile app was published for Android on 31 May 2016. The project was started about five months earlier. Before the snow was on the ground again, we had three supported platforms through one code base, and an app that operates natively on iOS, Android, and Windows. With React Native, we can make small improvements and bug fixes directly into the app without a time-consuming traditional app review process.


“Collaboration with RND Works enabled us to bring mobile gaming to a whole new level. I greatly appreciate their fearless attitude towards product development. The results of our collaboration speak for themselves: mobile revenue has doubled, and the customer feedback has been stellar.”

Janne Vuorenmaa, Vice President, Digital Sales and Services Development


Sometimes a proper mobile software feels really good. Let’s see if it would work for you too.

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