We are experts in digital product development

Our journey

This is where we started

We have started the company in 2016, but we existed already before it.

Where are we know

In 2022 RND Works is a group of professionals that are constantly working for interesting projects. We have about 20 people in house. Most in Finland, but we’re expanding in Germany.

Where we are going to?

We are trying to grow, but we don’t want rapid growth. In 2025 we hope to be a good place to work for 30-40 professionals.

Our approach

We learn how your business works

Regardless if you are in need of better efficiency or more sales.

We provide quality results

With modern and efficient tools that have been tested and used by big communities.

Continuous development

We can follow how your users and using your service and will can adapt the solution to fit their needs.

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