We are looking for a Full Stack developer! 

Bonus points for experience with React and React Native. Having a data science background will also give you our full attention.

About us

RND Works is a growing and uncomplicated software company from Vantaa that also has operations now in Berlin, Germany. At the moment, we have approximately 20 people working for us, and the need for new developers is constant. We create high-quality, ground-breaking solutions for our clients.

Artificial intelligence and mobile applications are our core services, but we also work on fascinating projects with, for example, data analysis, algorithm development, and conversational user interfaces.

We have gathered expertise on our main technologies but are not in any way married to them. Our door is always open to ideas that produce value for both the developer and the client. So if you happen to have an idea or problem you’d like to solve but can’t pursuit in your current job – Come talk to us! Let’s figure out if we can sell it and make it happen together.

About You

First and foremost, we appreciate having the right kind of attitude, doer-mentality and a desire to learn new things. Our employees get a good balance of responsibility and challenges.

We are looking for you if you have mastered one or more of the following skills and technologies:

  • JavaScript/ES6, Python, TypeScript
  • React, React Native, Flutter
  • GraphQL, Apollo, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL
  • Kubernetes, Docker, Airflow, Terraform
  • Tensorflow, Azure ML, BigQuery, DeltaLake, Azure DataLake, SageMaker
  • Internet of Things, sensor technology
  • UX design
  • C++ and Qt experience in Embedded Systems
  • Don’t keep any of your other talents hidden – every little bit helps!
  • Finnish language skills are a strong asset but not a requirement.
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What now?

Well, now it is time for you to send in your application. No need to be nervous, just be yourself.

Open application

Send us an introduction of yourself along with a link to your portfolio or resume: